21st February 2018 Program

Date : 27 Jun, 2020

On the occasion of the International Mother Language Day and the Great Shaheed Day, a discussion was organized in the KGDS High School in the chairmanship of Chief Professor Mohammad Anwar Hossain, and joint meeting between Professor Jahidul Ambia Curzon and Assistant Teacher Mr. Ajmal Ali. Till the holy Quran recites, Tenth grade student Jamil Ahmed .
Speaking on behalf of the students, Ahmed Zaber spoke on behalf of the students of the tenth grade and Tanjilla Tabassum Nitya Ninth grade. Among the teachers, Mr. Shafiqul Islam, Mr. Amir Hamza, Mr. Rashed Ali, Mr. Fouzia Leena, Mr. Fouzia Tarin, Mr. Kafia Akhter Comparion spoke among the teachers.

In his speech, the Chief teacher called upon the student to read the books related to liberation war for proper history to learn the exact history of the freedom fighters and the teachers presented the correct history among the students. Students are encouraged to learn the true history of the freedom fighters and patronize the true Bangabandhu Sonar Bangla To build a suitable citizen like to build Urged kyabaddha.